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Giuliana Rancic WOn’t get the responsibility for her racist statements concerning Zendaya hair. She blames the " writers that are for publishing it in to the program. According to, eight writers for that show, March 2, 2015, "Fashion Police" were on reach at that time. They are not planning to take the guilt for something they had no control over or didnt produce. Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images Authors for that exhibit happen to be to 2 yrs on strike close. The on hit authors declare they were not paidfor the hours they worked. Thus, a state was submitted by them with the California Department of Labor Enforcement. According to two authors interviewed by Radar Online, jokes were just written by them for Rivers, not Giuliana.

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Eliza Skinner informed Radar Online, "After I was writing for the display, the sole writers on-staff wrote for Joan (Streams). Joan was the only one who created jokes or was likely to be amusing. If Giuliana had any joke writers then, it had been off staff and on her own. " She believes it is weird that Giuliana went removed public in her statement the shows writers are accountable on her offending comment. Bryan Cook, former author for "Manner Police" explained they composed these types of jokes for Joan Waters constantly but Giuliana wasn’t one which jokes were written by them for. He explained, "maybe you have heard Joan? Nothing was offlimits for her. That has been her schtick. She was improper unpleasant, and rude, you name it.

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There wasnt a line Joan wouldnt cross in humor. For Giuliana forcing the fault to the writers he said, " I never actually fulfilled Giuliana and no one published cracks for her. But things might have transformed when she was not dead Joan wished to be the funny one although since Joan died. Things might be said by Giuliana about manner or garments but Joan was alone cracking jokes." Variety Billy Bush stated that he and Rancic spoke. Accordingto Billy she said that the joke that Dreadlocks "looked like they smelled like’patchouli’ and bud that was maybe, were written by way of a "Style Police display writer, rather than something Giuliana developed on her own." Were her phrases taken out of framework? The present had to undergo editing, and those phrases were left Billy Bush also said that about happening visit another ruse was to follow her statement.